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Pharma Industry Solutions

Transform your Oral Solid Dosage (OSD) and your Sterile sites with a digital factory platform designed specifically for Pharma / Biopharma manufacturers. Comply with GMP regulations while replacing your paper based logbooks or upgrade your capabilities for increased throughput and reduced cost. Our Digital Factory solution has been designed for pharma manufacturers and covers capabilities for all areas of manufacturing from bulk manufacturing to packaging. 

Pharma serialization and Track & Trace regulations now cover 90% of the world drug supply with most of developed and major developing countries requiring serialization with regulations. Enjoy the peace of mind with Supply Chain Wizard as your partner throughout your journey to compliance & beyond compliance. 

Pharma industry can benefit from digital supply chain transformation the most, as the industry’s digital maturity is behind many other industries. We help our clients establish their Clinical and Commercial Supply Chain Digital Transformation Strategies and help them achieve higher maturity level across all their supply chain process steps with the help of technology such as IoT, cloud and RPA. 

IoT technologies are set to transform any supply chain. With pharma industry having high levels of compliance requirements and quality control requirements, IoT can add even more value to pharma. We design, develop & deploy our own IoT technologies, as well as leverage best-in-class IoT sensors out in the market to solve our clients’ key challenges with the help of cost-effective IoT technology deployment. 

OTHER Industry Solutions

Our Other Industry Solutions

Our Digital Factory platform was born into the Life Sciences industry with some of the most difficult challenges of data collection, analysis & decision making requirements. However, other industries soon followed and our platform shown to adapt & deliver on the needs of multiple other industry clients such as Oil & Gas, Industrial, Consumer Packaged Goods, Food & Beverage and High Tech / Electronics. Get in touch with a demo request, so we can show you how we help clients in many manufacturing industries to transform their factory operations. 

Product safety, supply chain security and fight with counterfeits is not a pharma-only issue. More and more industries turn to Track & Trace systems to product their products and consumers. With 10+ years of hands-on expertise in Track & Trace projects globally, we offer a complete end-to-end turnkey program management services to help enable traceability in any manufacturing industry. Working with most of the leading Track & Trace hardware and software vendors, we can provide cost-effective program delivery specifically for Food & Beverage and CPG industries, which are struggling with counterfeit challenges the most. 

Digital supply chains are the future. Our senior leadership team and consultants have supply chain transformation experience in many industries, and can help you establish your digital supply chain strategy and support the execution project management to achieve a higher maturity in digital supply chain best-practices. Let us help you start with a Digital Supply Chain Maturity Assessment study, and build a custom transformation roadmap for your supply chain. Our team has access to state of the art technology capabilities such as RPA (via UiPath), our own Digital Supply Chain Platform and various other technology partners such as Microsoft and Siemens to deliver you a holistic experience & support in your journey. We love Supply Chain, and you will feel our passion & its impact in the project results! 

IoT technologies will help manufacturing industry players with enhanced data collection in factories, warehouse & distribution centers and during transportation. Ability to track a product from production all the way to consumer with Track & Trace systems enhanced with IoT sensors is the next frontier of supply chain visibility, efficiency and agility. Let us show you our IoT capabilities and use cases, and how we can design a PoC project to prove the value before rolling out to entire supply chain. 

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