Pharma Factory Digital Transformation With OEE Tracker, Labor Tracker and Digital Forms

Pharma Factory Digital Transformation
OEE Tracker + Labor Tracker + Digital Forms Implementation on Packaging & Manufacturing Areas
A site in Bourgoin, France of a US based specialty pharmaceutical company
- To achieve live OEE monitoring using SCW’s OEE Tracker and achieve understanding of the true baseline
- To improve data accuracy and data governance for key metrics to form the foundations of digital transformation.
- Eliminate manual processes & paper based daily behavior on shop floor
- Advanced reporting of real and reliable data
- Capture all line and machine state and have the ability to reach these records with analysis flexibilities
- Improve data integrity
Added Value
- Closely monitor issues and improvements with a dedicated customer success member
- Keep track of target OEE percentage and KPI metrics closely
- Gain real-time feedback from shop floor operations crew
- Established utilization of dashboards on a daily operation routines
- Identify reason codes for planned and unplanned downtimes
- Co-innovation of custom UI/UX features to meet specific needs of power users and end users
- Closely monitor labor data, track operator locations, numbers and labor durations in detail
- Ability to report and communicate all shopflor related instances internally
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