Digital Interconnectivity with CMOs

Digital Interconnectivity
Digital Interconnectivity with external industry partners (CMOs)
A global pharmaceutical company offering various products whose mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.
To identify opportunities for Digitization and Automation and improvement in communication and collaboration with external industry partners as current industry operations are manual.
- Visualize the organization’s current abilities vs identified problem statements
- What is the definition of success, how do we want to operate in the future vs today? The definition of success will guide the initiatives chosen for implementation with constant ROI in mind.
- Prioritize and implement identified initiatives, focus on quick wins that allow for short term gains
- Define quantitative attributes to compare before and after ways of working, allowing to measure the impact of digitization.
Added Value
- Manual workload reduction through an Automated communication channel to top 5 external industry partners
- Product lead time reduction with the help of high-speed information flow
- Cross functional work stream benefit simultaneously, such as such as Supply Chain, Logistics, Quality, Procurement, Finance and Customer Service
- Error reduction resulting in higher data integrity and accuracy by eliminating risks and issues throughout the supply chain
- Resource / team satisfaction improvement bypassing repetitive manual tasks
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