Digital Maturity Assessment of an Organization

Digital Maturity Assesment of an Organization
Digital Maturity Assessment of an Organization
A leading global biopharmaceutical company with focus on Cell Therapy, Biologics and Pharma.
To baseline the current digital capabilities on an organization as the foundation to building a strong digital roadmap
- Baseline organization’s current maturity between 1 (Laggard) and 5 (Innovator)
- Define success and derive optimal maturity levels
- Identify initiatives to achieve long term maturity levels
- Scoring and Prioritization of the initiatives to identify quick wins and highest return projects
Added Value
- Provided capabilities for manual workload reduction, digital integration, end to end visibility and predictive analytics
- Stabilize, Improve and Transform Supply Chain
- Predictive and Prescriptive analytics on the supply chain functions leading to better decision making
- Improved data consistency
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