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We are the leaders in digital transformation of the pharma supply chain!


“Supply Chain” has a very broad & all encompassing meaning to represent the true end-to-end operations involving all the people, processes and systems that are interconnected and function together interdependently.

“Wizard” has multiple meanings, including both “the expert” and “the helper or assistant”, combination of which represent what we do for our clients.

In the complex and highly regulated world of pharmaceutical supply chains, innovation and agility are no longer optional – they’re essential for success. Supply Chain Wizard is your trusted partner, providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of the pharma industry. We specialize in end-to-end supply chain management, leveraging cutting-edge technologies like track and trace serialization, digital twins, and advanced analytics to optimize your operations, enhance visibility, and ensure compliance.



Our vision is to be the most trusted advisor of our clients in the field of end-to-end supply chain strategy and operations by adding significant and sustainable value to their performance; and to be the premier supply chain services company that attracts, develops and empowers highly talented people.


Our values drive our day to day decision making, our lifestyles and our priorities.

We are obsessed with quality, and excellence in everything we do. This is our mindset.

We hire and/or partner with highly talented people to work collaboratively on solving problems of people / clients, where the objective is to improve people’s lives. Every decision has a human element.

We focus on the future possibilities rather than past mistakes/issues or short-term plans

We aspire to have a positive impact in the world, and impact is how we measure success.

We base our decisions on the objective analysis that is supported with true facts, and everyone has the right and obligation to challenge everyone else to find the truth; Everything we do should be unbiased & fair.

Our Journey

We’re proud to have collaborated with a wide range of pharmaceutical companies, from global giants to innovative startups. Our solutions have addressed a wide range of pain points, including:

  • Compliance with stringent regulations like the DSCSA
  • Cold chain management and temperature monitoring
  • Demand forecasting and inventory optimization
  • Counterfeit prevention and product diversion detection

By combining deep industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology, Supply Chain Wizard has earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the pharmaceutical supply chain space. We’re committed to continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation, empowering our clients to achieve their strategic goals, and ultimately, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of critical medications to patients worldwide.


99.9% Track and Trace Accuracy for a Leading Pharma Manufacturer

15% Reduction in Inventory Costs for a Global Pharmaceutical Distributor

Successful DSCSA Implementation for Multiple Clients



Supply Chain Wizard started in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The company was founded on the belief that the pharmaceutical supply chain is ripe for disruption—a disruption that can only be achieved through digital transformation. We’ve been at the forefront of this transformation since 2014, partnering with leading pharma companies to address their unique challenges and unlock new opportunities for growth.
The efforts to promote the Pharmaceutical Industry quickly spread to related regulated Industries as well, benefiting from years of solutioning and modernizing transformations. Today we are a cross industry consultancy collaborating with the top organizations in each domain to cross benefit and promote an integrated and orchestrated intercompany supply chain.

From the very beginning, our focus has been on solving real-world problems. We’ve seen firsthand how outdated processes, fragmented data, and lack of visibility can hinder efficiency, compromise quality, and put end-users at risk. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing innovative solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies like:

We empower pharma companies to harness the power of data and digital technologies, building a more connected, efficient, and resilient supply chain from end-to-end.

Our advanced track & trace solutions give you unprecedented visibility into your product’s journey, ensuring authenticity, compliance, and proactive risk management.

We combine the power of lean methodologies with intelligent automation (RPA) to eliminate waste, streamline processes, and drive continuous improvement within your operations.

Our expert consultants guide you through the digital transformation of your manufacturing operations, leveraging technology to optimize production, enhance quality, and improve decision-making.


Trusted by


Evren Ozkaya

Founder & CEO
Evren Ozkaya

Barry Brown

Principal, Client Services, North America
Barry Brown, Principal Client Services SCW

Mia Van Allen

Principal, Client Services, North America
Mia Van Allen

Yigiter Colakoglu

Principal, Client Services, EMEA




Supply Chain Wizard LLC

8B Brookline CT Princeton, New Jersey, 08540, USA

[+1] 404 457 2950 

Supply Chain Wizard GmbH

Handjerystr. 2, c/o Bahtli, 12159 Berlin

Supply Chain Wizard Teknoloji Ltd. Sti.

Cumhuriyet Bulvarı No:86 Konak, Izmir, TURKEY

[+90] 232 415 8169


“Major game changer for organizations”
Supply Chain Wizard have provided guidance in our efforts to achieve strategic goals. One of those goals is increasing our gross margin. Supply Chain Wizard becoming a major game changer for organizations
$23M Med Device Manufacturer
"Instrumental to our Success"
I want to take a moment to particularly say thank you to Supply Chain Wizard team. Throughout this project Supply Chain Wizard have provided so much support with the global teams. And the meetings were really helpful. I want you to know that your work was very important to our successful and timely implementation of aggregation and that I recognize and appreciate this.
$15B Global Generics Drug Manufacturer
“One of the best decisions I ever made”
Just wanted to thank you for your help and support. I have been working on this project for several years, and I can tell that one of the best decisions I ever made in that regards was to introduce Supply Chain Wizard and its services to our team, who were very impressed with your detailed and thorough work. We are glad to have your partnership in this very important project"
$3B Global Pharma Manufacturer
“Innovative vision: SCW sees ways to transform decades old processes”
Understanding industry gaps and weaknesses in supply chain while employing business expertise with an innovative vision, SCW sees ways to transform decades old processes with business and technological advancements that will change how health care providers and patients that will receive, access and use medical information.
SCW’s support had an impressive impact on the project and on my daily tasks. We have made great progress in many areas.
I just wanted to quickly share my positive feedback with you regarding SCW Consultants. They have both been a huge help and very pleasant to work with. 
$40B Global Pharma Manufacturer
“Ideal business partner”
Supply Chain Wizard is the ideal business partner, dedicated resources that made the projects successful. They provided crucial insights and guidance into our Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation strategy. Whether you are new in the journey to a Digital Supply Chain or have already embarked, I would recommend you speak with SCW.
$300B Oil & Gas Producer
“Analytical sharpness and laser-focused execution”
Supply Chain Wizard transformed a $3bn revenue supply chain in a matter of a few months, through a unique combination of vision/strategy, analytical sharpness, and laser-focused execution. It is exceptionally rare to have a supply chain leader (or any leader) who excels at different conceptual levels.
$49B Global Pharma Manufacturer
“Transforming theoretical concepts quickly into reality”
Supply Chain Wizard is very fast to develop and implement new innovative solutions for supply chain operations. SCW is in contact with several companies from different industries and can successfully transfer and implement best practices among different industries. SCW is also capable of transforming any theoretical supply chain concept and innovation quickly into realty.
$700M Consumer Goods Manufacturer
“Exceptional Service Level”
I have worked closely with the company. I have found their service level exceptional. They understand our business needs and response with tangible and usable tools and methodologies. Their response to all requests and issues were handled in a very timely manner with high level of professionalism. I highly recommend working with Supply Chain Wizard and wouldn't hesitate to work with them again in the future.
$17B Global Generics Drug Manufacturer
“All perspectives that allows you to go back and figure out your own picture…”
You are getting the strategy side of technology, the IT side, technical side and industry side. All perspectives that allows you to go back and figure out your own picture, plan of action, plan of attack
$4.5B Global Pharma Manufacturer
“I strongly recommend SCW and their suite of tools”
I have been working with SCW for 4 months, and have deployed their suite of tools (Survey, Dashboard, Portal) to assist me in tracking and managing the serialization readiness of my suppliers. The tool set provides me a single repository for supplier readiness information, and a convenient communications vehicle through which information, issues and even documents can be easily exchanged.
$35B Medical Device Company
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