Evren Ozkaya

Evren Ozkaya

Founder & CEO

Dr. Evren Ozkaya is the Founder & CEO of Supply Chain Wizard, LLC, a management & technology consulting firm helping Pharmaceutical companies establish and execute cost-effective serialization programs, as well as serving broader manufacturing industries with their supply chain strategy & optimization programs.

Evren Ozkaya received his Masters and Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology in the US with his award-winning thesis on Demand Management in Global Supply Chains. He has a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering from Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey.

Prior to Supply Chain Wizard, Dr. Ozkaya led a supply chain transformation program at Sandoz (a Novartis company) in North America as Director of Strategic Planning. Between 2012 and 2014, Dr. Ozkaya established the Global Track & Trace (Serialization) Program at Sandoz and led multiple implementation projects in Americas, Europe and Asia addressing all active serialization legislations that are aimed at improving patient safety.

Before joining Sandoz / Novartis, Dr. Ozkaya worked for McKinsey and Company for 3 years in Americas Operations & Supply Chain Practice as a management consultant serving various industries such as healthcare, consumer goods, industrial, logistics and private equity, helping clients in broader operational strategy, transformation and capability building topics.

Passion Statement

Professionally, Evren’s passion is global supply chains since the early days in his college education. And he has worked in every aspect of supply chain throughout his career from demand planning & forecasting in high tech to production planning & logistics in medical devices to procurement in Industrial & Private Equity portfolio companies to strategic planning, customer service & fulfillment, network design and S&OP in Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Goods. It is fascinating and at the same time challenging to be in this field. The biggest gain? The constant learning opportunities. According to Evren, the global supply chains are the most complex management systems to understand & run effectively, and therefore it has one of the largest impact potential of all possible value drivers in many industries. Big data will make this potential even bigger!

Personally, Evren is passionate about traveling and learning about other cultures and taking photographs along the way. So far, the work and leisure took him to 47 countries, which is still a tiny percentage of the world (24% to be exact). Evren cannot wait to explore the rest of the world as soon as possible. Objective? To see 50% of the world by the age of 50! Not sure if he can cover 100% by the age 100, though..but it is worth the try!

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