In Pharmaceuticals business, fight against counterfeiting is a reality in each and every region and regulatory deadlines are fastly approaching. Track & Trace - Serialization Programs require high level of knowledge, collaboration and coordination. If you want to be compliant with the regulations, firstly you need to know the regulations and requirements, secondly you need to understand how your CMOs are ready for serialization regulations and thirdly you need to have a Straregic Plan including both monetary and resource budgets as well as roll-out plan ready to accomplish your Serialization Program before deadlines.

Our Track & Trace Suit makes life easier for you managing your Track & Trace - Serialization Program:

  • • Our Regulations Database is always up to date and you can follow draft and final regulations
  • • Our Serialization Survey is composed of strategic questions which helps you and your suppliers to understand if your suppliers are compliant to regulations or need help.
  • • Our Serialization Wizard helps you to prepare your Strategic Project Plan easily and quickly instead of working with complicated spreadsheets

3D Approach


Track & Trace Suit is fed by various data sources:

  • • Latest regulations from legal authorities
  • • Survey responses from your contract manufacturers and/or contract packagers
  • • Required data for Strategic Project Plan provided by internal/external work streams: Engineering, IT, Artworks, Quality, PMO

Track & Tracel Suit provides you user friendly dashboards so that you can reach the required information easily and quickly with data visualization tools, charts and statistics. Our Dashboards have been designed with SCW intense expertise and insights in Track & Trace – Serialization Programs to help you to focus on the right actions.


With help of Track & Trace Suit, you can turn insights into strategic , tactical and operational decisions:

• Prepare your Strategic Plan including your monetary budget, resource budget and roll out plan for a successfull Serialization Program.


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