Robotic Process Automation for EU FMD Alert Management and Handling Process
A pharmaceutical company operating in European Economic Area (EEA) whose products are subject to EU FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive).
Handle EU FMD alerts generated by different players in the pharma supply chain within the allowed time period with available resources, even less if possible.
- Identify EU FMD Alert Management Processes matching with all defined alert types with Supply Chain Wizard’s serialization and Track &Trace domain expertise.
- Identify business rules as per client's SOPs and work instructions.
- Develop automated alert management and handling process on UiPath Robotic Process Automation platform which can identify the root cause of the alerts and update the serialization systems as per the business rules to resolve the alerts.
-Verify and validate EU FMD alert investigation results provided by the automated solution with manual investigation process.
Added Value
- Achievement of on time EU FMD alert investigation process with 100% success score.
- Unleash of employees' time for value adding tasks instead of repetitive, mundane tasks.
- Elimination of human errors and decrease the hours spent for reworking.
- 80% of hours savings used for EU FMD alert investigation process
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