Use The Power of Robotic Process Automation
to streamline Serialized Operations

Supply Chain Wizard brings hyperautomation success to Pharma Supply Chain and Track &Trace with extensive domain expertise and power robotic process automation. As a partner of UiPath, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, Supply Chain Wizard offers various services to pharma companies in serialization domain. Our services will help you to handle repetitive, rule-based tasks and unleash Serialization Teams valuable time for other strategic serialization projects such as new markets onboarding, new requirements , merger & acquisitions, partner onboarding etc. Our services are including but not limited to:

Information Capturing
RPA can be leveraged to capture data from different sources:
- Web Pages: Connecting to cloud based serialization systems as well as online resources like GS1 Global Electronic Party Information Registry.
- Email Attachments: Contents of email attachments can be automatically extracted and processed.
- Email Content: The content of an email can be extracted as per the desired table format to be used for following transactions.
Decommissioning of the list of serial numbers can be performed in a fraction of time.
EU Hub Reporting
The batches can be uploaded to EU Hub by software robots without integration needs between IT systems or workflows.
Shipment Message Sending
Shipment events are important triggers for processing the serialized data. Lack of these events might be pian points which ends up with manual transactions. RPA solutions are faster & error-free and you don’t need to execute complex IT integration projects!
Master Data Management
Master Data is one of the key components for all IT systems. RPA solutions helps you to manage master data easily and minimizes complex IT systems integration.
- Master Data Entry can be done very fast and error-free!
- You can have robust data integrity with synchronisation of various IT systems without integrating them!
Report Generation
Software robots can generate custom reports collecting data from different standard reports without any development need on sterilization systems.
System Health Check
With virtual workforces, you can make sure that you never miss any anomalies. Once robot observes an error or unexpected situation, robot can notify the business users or solve the problem as per the defined business rule.
- Daily Controlling of Issues in L5 Systems
- Daily EU Hub Report Upload Status
EU FMD Alert Assessment
EU FMD alerts management and handling is already one of the standard tasks of serialization teams. Depending on the business portfolio, required size of the Alert Management & Handling Team is up to- 4-5 people. Since the alert types are known, and their investigation process can be standardized, virtual workforces can help MAH companies being compliant with a significant cost reduction. Please visit our case study for further detail.
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