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Unleash your manufacturing performance!

Collect shop-floor data with IoT devices, schedule & track work-order progress, manage labor workforce, digitize forms & comply with GMP regulations.

Simply maximize your factory visibility and throughput while minimizing costs!


Leverage Supply Chain Wizard’s Digital Factory Solutions


One digital platform connecting data-driven decision-making solutions!

As a cloud-native modern technology platform, Digital Factory solves for most common production challenges to improve manufacturing visibility & performance with speed and cost-effectiveness.


Track production, increase throughput!

The OEE Tracker enables you to get instant access to shop-floor production data. Gather data with operator-friendly interfaces, automate & enhance it with IoT sensors, PLC connections  and Digital Factory APIs – then turn it into dashboards that are available to everyone in the team on mobile app & large shop-floor dashboards. Ensure that decisions are made based on data & intelligent insights.


Improve labor productivity & reduce overtime!

Staff activities are one of most influential factors affecting the efficiency and quality of production at the factory floor. Traditional methods can only reveal if staff is present at the factory floor or not, not the real time locations. This limits the ability to further analyze staff activities and improve their effectiveness and influence on production efficiency.


Track your shop-floor assets in real time!

Many high-value production assets are shared across production lines or zones. This makes it difficult to track available assets or tooling for critical operations. Managing the real-time locations and availability of assets on the shop floor has a major benefit in increasing throughput, while minimizing investments in unnecessary assets or tooling.


Automatically collect shop-floor data via advanced IoT technology!

Production sites grow historically and with time new systems are added to manage operations better. Having interdependent platforms are of common practice at any production area. If data from independent platforms are combined, in-depth insights can be made to make positive impact on operations. However, combining the platforms are often very challenging requiring ad-hoc solutions at each site increasing the implementation time and cost.


Manage your Own Forms digitally!

Are you still collecting data with paper forms or spreadsheets? Enable “Digital Forms” to design any form layout easily and start collecting data digitally. Integrated to OEE Tracker and Labor Tracker, use cases are endless.


Visually manage & optimize production schedules with shop-floor integration

Scheduling of work orders has a direct influence on production lead times and overall cost. Assignment of work orders to the lines and staff is a complex daily challenge that depends on many variables and constraints. Manual scheduling is a very common practice which results in inefficient use of resources. Cost reduction of more than 20% and capacity increase of more than 50% could be achieved without investing in new production equipment.


Design your own forms to digitally collect shop-floor data!

At Pharmaceutical sites, all activities should be recorded to logbooks to comply with GMP regulations. Having manual logs such as written or excel sheet logbooks are of common practice. This limits the further analysis of the logs. Maintaining the logbooks become too costly when manual methods are used and security concerns arise.

Access your data anytime & anywhere with Digital Factory Mobile App

Remotely monitor & optimize day-to-day operations!

You can access real-time line status & production performance using the mobile app and visualize dashboards and reports.

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