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Serialization Wizard

Introducing Serialization Wizard, a web-based Strategic Planning and Budgeting tool specifically designed for Pharmaceutical Track & Trace (Serialization) Programs to help companies meet global regulatory requirements cost-effectively.

It was early 2014. I was in San Diego at a Serialization conference. Yet another major pharma company was presenting about their serialization program. With all those resources, millions of dollars invested in the last many years, they were still in the early stages of their serialization program rollout. I asked myself if the large corporations are still struggling in the early stages, how can hundreds, if not thousands, of small to medium size pharma companies will do it?

Many pharma companies do not have the resources to do complete (and necessary) strategic planning for this complex and massive program. Many of them being CMOs (Contract Manufacturing Organizations), they may not even have the resources to attend industry events to understand what they need to do, by when, and how much money/resources they should invest into these government-enforced serialization compliance requirements. Legislation around the world were changing continuously with many countries emerging with their own version of the serialization laws such as the US, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Korea (Turkey being already in full effect since 2012) or draft laws such as the European Union. Doing a simple analysis, the number of countries exceeded 40 with combined GDPs covering already 80% of the Global GDP. There was definitely a major need for the many members of our giant “global” industry to receive professional support to get this program “right first time”.


There are simply not enough resources with experience and expertise in the industry to support every pharma company, and ensure that companies in need receive the required help to leverage industry learnings and not repeat the early mistakes.


Consolidate the years of industry experience, learnings, and best practices into a holistic tool to enable fast decision making at the strategic planning phase, so that the pharma companies can get into the execution mode right away and catch up to the legislation deadlines.

What is Serialization Wizard?

After almost 10 months of hard teamwork after the San Diego conference, I am now proud to present our latest service/software offering to the Pharmaceutical Industry: Serialization Wizard!

Specifically designed to support executive decision making for Serialization (Track & Trace) Programs on budget, timelines, resources, and risk, Serialization Wizard streamlines baseline data collection & analysis and reduces strategic planning phase of Serialization Programs from many months down to 1-2 days, saving companies significant time and money.

An innovative software offering to support Pharmaceutical Serialization leaders to establish and run a successful and cost-effective program by bringing years of industry and serialization experience from all aspects of the program (PMO, IT, Engineering/Packaging, Supply Chain, Quality, Validation, and Artwork) in a holistic strategic planning tool.


Who can benefit?

Serialization Wizard is targeted at companies in the early stages of their serialization programs, and the following organizations can benefit significantly:

  • Pharma Manufacturers
  • Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO)
  • Contract Packaging Organizations (CPO)
  • Pharma Manufacturers who would like to help their CMO/CPO partners
  • Track & Trace Vendors who would like to help their customers

Want to learn more?

Please visit the Serialization Wizard website to learn more and to schedule your Strategic Planning Workshop with Serialization Wizard.

Serialization Wizard & Strategic Planning Workshops are provided by 

>Supply Chain Wizard, LLC and its consultants/partners around the world in more than 15 countries. We are excited to bring the power of technology and the depth of serialization expertise to support more pharma companies who need this support.

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About the author: Evren Ozkaya, Ph.D. is the Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Wizard, LLC, a management and technology consulting firm focusing on designing strategies to improve operational performance of companies with complex supply chains. Dr. Ozkaya writes about and speaks in conferences on various topics such as Entrepreneurship, Productivity, Consulting, Communication & Presentation Skills, Technology & Data Analytics, Supply Chain Security and Supply Chain Transformations.

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