Digital Supply Chain Summit 2023

Event Highlights

DSCS2023 participants

The Digital Supply Chain Summit 2023 has proven once again to be the epicenter of innovation and collaboration, drawing a close with accolades from speakers, participants, and industry observers.

Hybrid Engagement

This year’s event magnified its reach and impact through a meticulously crafted hybrid format. Virtual attendees enjoyed a wealth of online interactive sessions will enable the long-term objective of developing self-learning and self-driving supply chains.

In-Person Event Highlights

The in-person segment was marked by the presence of distinguished speakers and attendees who engaged in inspiring conversations. The atmosphere was charged with knowledge exchange, networking opportunities, and collaborative learning. Participants indulged in interactive sessions and panel discussions that promised actionable insights and a roadmap for the future of digital supply chains.

Networking Cocktail at Rutgers Club

The highlight of the event was the Networking Cocktail at Rutgers Club. Here, conversations flowed seamlessly, fostering an environment of learning and collaboration amplified by the celebration of SCW’s 10th Anniversary. A special atmosphere where ideas and reflections on a decade of supply chain evolution were shared.

A Glimpse into the Future

Each dialogue, session, and panel discussion at the summit underscored the industry’s readiness to navigate future challenges with innovation, collaboration, and resilience. The integration of technology and human ingenuity was evident, painting a promising picture of the future of supply chains.

Stay Connected

The impact of the Digital Supply Chain Summit 2023 continues to resonate. Request and watch session recordings for important insights, highlights, and lessons we all learned during the event. We’re already getting excited about next year’s summit in 2024 and can’t wait to bring everyone together again for another inspiring event!

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