At Supply Chain Wizard, we know how important your product is for you. You have given so much attention to produce the best for your clients. If you want to control your product even when it is not in your hands anymore, we have good news for you: we can digitize your supply chain to let you be in control.

Our digital supply chain projects focus on end-to-end monitoring of the supply chain and digitizing critical parameters. We capture environmental conditions and quality critical factors throughout the entire supply chain in a live manner. By doing so, you can track your products, monitor the condition they are in and decide what is best for you and your clients.

Our Digital Supply Chain Suit tracks goods with smart sensors that can capture location, temperature and humidity. With live IoT data, we monitor and alert critical temperature and humidity levels. Furthermore, we provide an assessment of shipment risk and our self learning algorithm can present you the best pick within your choices. Therefore, you save time while improving your products quality.

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