Aytac Atac, Ph.D.

Vice President,

Aytac is the Vice President of EMEA&APAC and the Head of Berlin Office of Supply Chain Wizard. Locating at the heart of Europe, he is bringing his expertise in IoT & sensor systems to make SCW solutions even more smarter and more efficient. Aytac holds a Ph.D degree in Electronics from RWTH Aachen University in Germany and he received his Ms.C. from Georgia Institute of Technology in the US.

Prior to Supply Chain Wizard, Aytac was responsible for Energy Efficiency projects of all multisite customers at E.ON Connecting Energies GmbH. Between 2014 and 2016, he established the Energy Efficiency project management at E.ON and led multiple implementations in Europe. He introduced cost effective easy to install sensor based efficiency improvement methods. He is good at understanding the energy requirements of a building and combining it with IoT to improve energy efficiency and to reduce cost.

Before joining E.ON, he was with RWTH Aachen University. For 5 years, he focused on high tech product development for smart home and smart grid applications. He led multiple EU projects and organized two Europe-wide conferences in his field. His is very active in IoT and sensors fields which is expending over 10 years and this makes him very well connected with the experts and the developments of the IoT world. 

Passion statement:
Aytac is a fan of connected devices. He built his first battery powered car at the age of 6. Couple of days after that, he realized it wasn’t smart to run after the car to switch it off and he built his first and own remote controller instead. With that, he could connect with the car.

Aytac enjoys solving problems in a smart and efficient way. His passion is not only offering a solution; he always looks for an optimum solution in the shortest time. That is why he loves IoT. IoT combines his desire for high tech connected devices and efficient solutions.

Aytac is married and lives in Berlin. He likes exploring the city and spending time with his wife, Derya. He likes writing of all kinds, specifically short stories and poetry.


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