Alper Derici

Product Development

Alper Derici is the Director of Product Development at Supply Chain Wizard. Alper received his Bachelor of Science degree in Food Processing Engineering from Akdeniz University. After working for several national and global food and beverage companies, Alper joined met SAP implementations as a key user in Quality Management. This helped him merge his profession with his biggest passion : Information Technologies.

Before he joined Supply Chain Wizard, Alper worked as a Key User helping implementations, as a Consultant taking full responsibility of end to end implementations and finally as a Solution Manager at SAP Turkey to join sales cycles as well. This gave him a broad vision about how software is being developed, positioned, priced and finally implemented and supported.

Passion statement:
Alper eats business problems for breakfast! He loves reading about todays and futures challenges and keeps developing ideas to solve them. He believes software hardware and easier, unrestricted connectivity will change the world. That opens a whole new era called ‘Internet of Things’ and his next challenge is to find a place in this world.

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