Supply chains are growing more complex, and hence it is getting more difficult to achieve significant performance improvements. Our experience and expertise span a wide range of supply chain strategy programs to bring you the high quality strategy support, with some key services including the following:

Supply Chain Diagnostic
  • Baseline the full extended supply chain network
  • Complete a thorough end-to-end process mapping
  • Identify quick wins and major value levers
  • Assess portfolio of initiatives by value and timeline

SC Transformation Program Design
  • Understand all strategy, execution and support functions
  • Align transformation objectives with key business leaders
  • Set clear targets, ownership and accountability 
  • Optimize portfolio of initiatives with resource plans

Network Design & Strategy
  • Build a bottoms up cost model for manufacturing & distributions
  • Establish key hypothesis and future network scenarios
  • Test each scenario with cost, risk and service metrics
  • Run full set of simulations to stress test recommendations

Sales & Operation Planning
  • Build S&OP sponsorship through leadership team 
  • Set clear S&OP rules and expectations up-front
  • Optimize cycle of meetings & preparation steps
  • Bring forward-looking, strategic decisions into meeting

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