Locate shipments in real-time to manage, monitor and control logistics performance

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The time between products leave the factory floor to the delivery to the final customer is the most critical phase of supply chain activities. Improve regulatory compliance requirements and customer service levels with our Shipment Tracker. Our solution ensures continuous monitoring of environmental conditions of your global shipments, 24/7.

  • • Technologically advanced Internet-of-Things (IoT) enabled sensors combined with powerful tracking software to capture shipment location, temperature, humidity, light, acceleration and tilt

  • • Battery powered all-in-one sensor capturing six distinct parameters
  • • Integrated capabilities to ensure consistent global communication
  • • Cloud level data-capture, processing and visualization in an intuitive, user-friendly interfac

  • • Monitor and assess carrier performance to gain control of transportation costs
  • • Locate freight at any point in its journey to enable stakeholder visibility
  • • Alerts and risk monitoring for contingency planning and management

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