Serialization program management is relatively new to Pharmaceutical Industry, and many companies are lacking resources and expertise to properly plan for and execute a cost-effective serialization program, while meeting tight compliance deadlines. Establishing the right project budget / timeline and the resources remains to be a major challenge that delays the timely start of serialization programs.

• An easy-to-use and cost-effective strategic planning tool for Serialization Programs

• Overall program dashboard with performance scores (speed, cost, resources, service)

• Complete program budget, timeline, resource & roll-out plans

• Regulatory risk assessment and industry benchmarks

• Supply Chain Wizard provides strategic planning workshops using Serialization Wizard tool to kick-start clients with their Serialization programs

• Users walk through step-by-step discussion & decision points to design their own strategy

• Various strategic scenarios could be analyzed & compared with default best, base and worst case assumptions built into the tool

• High accuracy strategic plan is achieved within a few days of scope

• Build your serialization program rapidly and cost-effectively

• Leverage industry best practices, benchmarks and key assumptions

• Benefit from vast experience of Supply Chain Wizard team on serialization program design across the world

• Eliminate costly & long consulting projects for initial strategic planning

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