Serialization regulatory deadlines are very tight. Understanding and tracking the current compliance status of Contract Manufacturers in a timely fashion is a critical success factor, which also can be a real challenge. Many large manufacturers know very little about their CMOs' compliance status and they are struggling to craft a strategy to support their external supply partners.

• Automatic risk assessment & prioritization of suppliers

• Speedy collection of data from entire supplier network (internal or external)

• Easy evaluation of survey results by market requirements

• An online survey tool allowing fast strategical assessment of CMO and/or Internal Site serialization readiness

• Supply Chain Wizard configures the survey for client needs & manages survey process

• Users given instant online access to automated survey results & analysis

• Within 2-4 week period, majority of supply network is evaluated & assessed

• Understand the current network compliance status and baseline quickly

• Understand the compliance project challenges faced by your suppliers

• Leverage vast industry experience of Supply Chain Wizard (100s of surveys completed to date)

• Enable your company to build a supplier compliance strategy with accurate data

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