Improve staff performance via real-time location tracking

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It is challenging to get your most valuable asset to be more effective, and doing more with the finite resources. How much work force you are investing in different sections of the processes is not always visible, precluding optimal business decisions. Our solution helps tracking the labor and assets within your facility 24/7.

• IoT enabled sensors, tracking the location of labor and assets.

• Battery powered badges to be carried by employees or placed on assets to be tracked by readers positioned on the frame of your working area of interests.

• Communication through 3G all around the world.

• Data receival, process and visualization at the cloud

• Live alerts and reports on the status of labor and assets

• Get insights of your labor and assets by means of location and time.

• Decide how you distribute your limited resources to act optimally

• Save labor time and asset investments while improving productivity

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