Strategic planning is a critical first step for any major project or program. Especially for Serialization (Track & Trace) programs, this is a critical requirement for success, which helps establish the foundation of a program to deliver project goals faster and cost-efficiently. Following are key deliverables for a typical project:

Risk & Gap Assessment 
  • Understand the key project goals and objectives
  • Establish a comprehensive baseline
  • Compare key requirements to baseline for "gap assessment"
  • Analyze key project risks & propose mitigation methods

Budgeting & Financial Planning
  • Understand the key cost drivers by cost category
  • Establish a CFO ready cost model with drill-down capabilities
  • Streamline project and company financial goals & targets

Organization Design & Staffing
  • Structure the project into workstreams
  • Understand the deliverables and workload by workstream
  • Design organizational structure to meet project goals
  • Staff the team with the best talent for success

Vendor Selection & Qualification
  • Identify the key "make vs. buy" decisions early
  • Select areas of business to be outsourced to vendors
  • Establish evaluation criteria and client expectations
  • Run an objective RFP and vendor evaluation process
  • Select preferred vendors and start onboarding

Pilot Project Plan & Roll-Out Design
  • Clarify the pilot project deliverables & key learnings targeted
  • Establish a pilot project plan to meet key deliverables
  • Balance flexibility and efficiency to maximize learnings
  • Leverage pilot learnings to refine roll-out plans
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