Epista Supply Chain Wizard Serialization Digital Partnership

on 05 October 2018

Epista Life Science and Supply Chain Wizard Partner in Pharma Serialization Compliance Services and Beyond-Serialization Digital Transformation Solutions

Alliance combines Epista’s compliance and manufacturing expertise with SCW’s serialization consulting competency and supply chain software platforms.


Left to right: Bobby Gray, Chief Commercial Officer for Epista Life Science; Evren Ozkaya, Founder & CEO of Supply Chain Wizard; Klavs Esbjerg, Founder & CEO of Epista Life Science; Aytac Atac, VP, EMEA & APAC for Supply Chain Wizard.

Princeton, NJ & Copenhagen, Denmark – Supply Chain Wizard LLC, a leading full-service global consulting firm specializing in serialization and traceability, and Epista Life Science ApS, a leader in continuously improving regulatory compliance, have joined forces to support their clients beyond serialization compliance deadlines. The alliance marks one of the most farreaching serialization-centric partnerships to date.

The alliance combines disciplinary fortes: Epista’s proven expertise of life science compliance, manufacturing systems, data integrity and digitalization services perfectly complement Supply Chain Wizard’s serialization system and regulatory landscape knowledge and expertise in offering beyond-compliance value via digital factory and digital supply chain solutions.

With the newly blended expertise, Epista and Supply Chain Wizard jointly offer services for continuous serialization and traceability compliance. This portfolio includes continuous support for compliance services for upgrades and new releases of various serialization systems (from Level 1-2-3 site systems to Level 4-5 enterprise systems), trade partner onboarding and connectivity, compliance for regulatory changes, process improvement in serialization and traceability, and cost-efficiency with quality procedure.

Supported by a global partner network, the two companies also will help life science clients to digitalize their manufacturing and supply chain processes – a means of maximizing the troves of data generated via serialization compliance and other metrics-based systems.

Epista Life Sciences and Supply Chain Wizard have been previously paired on several successful serialization and compliance projects, often working in close cross-company teams. Now, the newly enhanced alliance forms one of the world’s largest & most robust serialization and digitalization support teams and maximizes geographic coverage by combining Epista’s strong northern Europe presence with key SCW’s focus areas, including central and southern Europe, the Middle East and the United States.

Klavs Esbjerg, Founder & CEO of Epista, explains: “Epista is looking towards the future. This collaboration takes us, and the industry, in that direction. Serialization deadlines will quickly be behind us, but this isn’t a project – it’s a new reality for the industry. From technology updates, regulatory changes and business requirements – the Life Science industry is in constant and rapid change – and companies must stay in control, ready for all these changes, all the time. The industry is asking us to assist them with this challenge. We impartially evaluate all vendors and technology in the market, and we believe that Supply Chain Wizard is one of the most innovative and future-thinking provider of these technologies. And with this partnership, we’re stepping up to take responsibility for our mission – Continuously Improving Regulatory Compliance.”

Evren Ozkaya, Founder & CEO of Supply Chain Wizard said: “A natural extension of our clients’ regulatory compliance journey is to make serialized operations “business as usual” with the right support structure in place, while also investing in digital operations and transformation programs to capture value & improve efficiencies to counter the losses experienced with serialization. Building on our long-term strategic partnership with Epista, Page 3 of 4 we’re proud to bring to market value-added managed services allowing pharma clients to ensure a stable, sustainable transition into serialized operations, while offering highly scalable cloud solutions to digitally transform their factories and supply chains.”

The two companies’ alliance will begin in Europe and the U.S. – the two largest markets for serialized drug supply chains – and expand to other marketplaces in the near future.

About Epista Life Sciences

Epista Life Science is a consultancy dedicated to continuously improving regulatory compliance. Epista turns compliance obstacles into business opportunities for their clients and for the industry.

When starting the company in 2009, founder Klavs Esbjerg wanted to make an impact on regulatory compliance in the entire Life Science industry. He envisioned Epista as an industry influencer, pioneering new compliance methodologies and technologies to eliminate compliance challenges for Epista’s clients.

Klavs’ ambition has turned into reality. Today, with over 100 global clients, Epista’s original vision and values are still the foundation for everything we do, and Epista is ever more dedicated to continuously improving compliance in the Life Sciences.

Epista helps their clients bridge the gap between IT, Quality and Line-of-Business departments by building regulatory requirements seamlessly into business processes. This turns compliance obstacles into real business opportunities, intelligently aligning compliance across organizations, projects and systems.

For more information, please visit www.epista.com.

About Supply Chain Wizard

Supply Chain Wizard, LLC, is a leading full-service global consulting, digital innovation and solutions firm specializing in serialization and traceability, as well as supply chain strategy and operational transformation programs. Dedicated to optimizing operations for growth, service and efficiency, Supply Chain Wizard offers strategic innovations in products and services, along with a team of expert consultants providing comprehensive support toward cost-effective compliance with serialization mandates and post-go-live operational support.

Supply Chain Wizard organizes serialization roundtables, summits and training programs throughout Europe, Asia Pacific and the United States, and runs frequent webinars to support clients with their regulatory and compliance challenges.

Supply Chain Wizard partners with organizations in designing, developing and implementing digital solutions using state-of-the-art technologies such as Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Page 4 of 4 Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Blockchain through its Cloud Platform to enable end-to-end Digital Supply Chain Transformations in Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical industry.

Serving some of the world's largest pharmaceutical manufacturers, contract manufacturers and packagers, Supply Chain Wizard is dedicated to adding sustainable value through datadriven decision making from Shop Floor to Executive Boardrooms.

Supply Chain Wizard is headquartered in Princeton, NJ in the U.S. with European headquarters in Berlin, Germany. For more information, please visit www.supplychainwizard.com.

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