Digital Factory: How Supply Chain Wizard is Helping Companies to Transform Operations via Internet of Things (IoT)

on 19 October 2016

Connectivity and data are becoming the pillars of the revolution known as Industry 4.0. The vast amounts of data and heightened processing power within the cloud is opening limitless opportunities. And as in previous tech revolutions, the ones who can’t adapt risk dire consequences.

At the forefront of this revolution is high quality, low cost sensor technology allowing terrabytes of data to be easily stored and shared. The result: The Internet of Things (IoT).

At Supply Chain Wizard, to transform every factory into a “smart” one, we focus on three horizons of transformation: Data, Dashboard and Decision. With Data, we are getting valuable information from "things" such as production equipments or people/operators. With Dashboard, we are visualizing and turning the data into actionable insights. This enables transparency and visibility. With Decision, we are focusing on deeper analysis and advanced analytics to improve efficiency in production, to reduce energy consumptions and to prevent any production errors even before it happens by improving decision making quality.

Supply Chain Wizard's first solution in Digital Factory space, OEE Tracker, has been co-developed with industry leading manufacturers and successfully implemented in both North America and Europe, filling a very important gap in Serialization transformation journey, which is to measure, understand and improve the operational efficiencies of packaging lines, OEE metrics that are expected to be negatively impacted by serialization system implementations.

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