Achieve end-to-end control tower visibility of the global supply chain system

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Efficiencies are critical when making business decisions at all levels from the operational to strategic levels of the organization. Having clear visibility of the key performance indicators across the supply chain related with supply, demand, capacity, production, logistics and other key functions are essential to make agile decisions in a volatile

A solution that enables complete visibility to view key performance indicators of the most relevant function of your supply chain: demand planning, supply planning, distribution, master production scheduling and inventory management

• The Dashboard functions in parallel with the Supply Chain portal to receive information and communicate with trading partners

• Visually monitor and track the most critical organizational key performance indicators

• Software connections to enable direct access to other modules within the Supply Chain Wizard Solutions Platform

• Multilevel visibility of organization workstreams and functional areas relevant for decision making bodies

• Alignment and visibility of organizational performance targets and trends in a comprehensive and integrated platform

• Anticipate risks, exceptions and alerts of your supply chain activities

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