Scale and speed of collaboration is drastically increasing between supply chain trading partners from customers’ customer to suppliers’ supplier. As we move into a digital age of doing business, the “paper based” or “manual” processes are becoming a thing of the past. Cloud technologies are helping companies to better collaborate with trading partners externally, while also helping internal cross-functional & cross-country teams to maximize interaction with each other on ever increasing levels.

Collaboration typically takes one of two forms at a typical company: “Project-based” collaboration and “Operational” collaboration. Supply Chain Wizard helps clients establish good practices on some of the most basic collaboration tools & methodologies, to much more complex collaboration models depending on the specific client situation, with an objective to automate non-value-added tasks & focus on core value-added activities to maximize resource effectiveness.

Key services offered under the Digital Collaboration service line are:

  • Digital Collaboration Strategy & Solution Design
  • Collaborative Project Management
  • Collaborative Supply Chain Planning

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