Warehousing and distribution activities may be one of the most resource intensive areas within a supply chain due to

  • • Time and temperature sensitive, high-value value goods
  • • Diversity in SKUs and product lines
  • • Multiple suppliers and customers
  • • Variability in inventory turnover

Supply Chain Wizard has developed a solution to address those organizational challenges. Our Digital Warehouse Solutions will provide the following benefits:

  • • Improve organizational visibility of internal assets within the warehousing space
  • • Promote continuous improvement across warehousing operations processes
  • • Encourage cross-functional collaboration between the manufacturing, transportation and retail activities
  • • Variability in inventory turnover

Our Digital Warehouse Suite has the capabilities to collect and integrate disparate sources of data within your warehouse or distribution facilities:

3D Approach

  • • IoT sensor technology to capture and collect real time movements of people, products and equipment
  • • Integration of existing warehouse management system (WMS) data to capture order level detail
  • • Configurations to seamlessly connect to our Digital Factory, Digital Transport or Digital Retail solutions to have complete visibility of the product life cycle
  • • Simple and user-friendly visualization of assets within the warehouse
  • • Live monitoring and alert systems to quickly see warehouse activities and operational events
  • • Dynamic reporting capabilities to view historical trends and performance metrics
  • • Machine learning algorithms utilizing historical data to drive warehousing performance
  • • Maintenance and asset maintenance and replacement


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