With our Digital Transport Platform, we digitally monitor your products starting from when they leave the warehouse to the point where it is delivered to your clients: an end-to-end monitoring of the supply chain while digitizing critical parameters. We capture environmental conditions and quality critical factors throughout the entire supply chain in a live manner. By doing so, you can track your products, monitor the condition they are in and decide what is best for you and your clients.

3D Approach


Our Digital Transport Platform tracks goods with smart sensors that can capture location, temperature, humidity, light, acceleration and tilt.


With live IoT data, we monitor and alert critical temperature and humidity levels or impacts to your products, wherever they are in the world and 24/7. We can report exceptions, alarms or alerts.


Optimizing transportation processes such as routing, scheduling and delivery, you can enhance transportation compliance and GDP. We improve quality while reducing the total cost of your products.


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