Today retail stores compete with each other more fiercely than ever to meet customer expectations to better stand out among alternatives. One key element to improve the success rate is to monitor and plan the FTE allocation effectively. Better allocated labor improves service quality by helping customers to locate and inform about products easier, and by shortening queues at counters. Supply Chain Wizard’s Digital Retail solution can help you to reach this goal by associating staff positioning information with the distribution of visiting customer count throughout the labor hours.

3D Approach


Our system can track staff position, together with the number of visiting customers throughout the course of working hours.


Reports on staff allocation based on specific roles or retail area allow you to better track your staff’s availability to customers. Customer count reports will enable to identify your retails peak and less popular hours.


Correlating the staff and customer information, Supply Chain Wizard’s Digital Retail solution identifies the required FTE on a given shift. By considering the demanded number of labor per customer per hour, it helps to decide how to shift labor not only in time but als within teams or sections in the retail.


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