Supply Chain Wizard understands that at any given time, multiple projects are executed and managed across the entire organization. Our Digital Projects Solution provides users to manage and oversee projects at all phases from execution, monitoring and delivery of time. Through the integrated and flexible parameters of our tool, the Digital Projects solution enables users to efficiently structure your projects and capture the comprehensive inputs of your supply chain projects.

3D Approach

  • • Collect, consolidate and combine activity data from different sources
  • • Identify the individuals and resources deployed for each project
  • • Selectively manage relevant regions, sites, lines or products in scope
  • • Quickly asses status and performance tracking of overall goals and objectives of project phases
  • • Collaborate with key functional areas to manage the multidimensional aspects of projects
  • • Quickly deploy, oversee and manage resources and information to relevant stakeholders
  • • Optimize planning targets and dates for maximum efficiency
  • • Monitor and proactively manage allocation of resources
  • • Identify and monitor budget constraints to improve project financial performance


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