Digitizing the supply chain has inherent advantages like improving efficiency by eliminating the paperwork at all steps. But do you need more than that? How about full transparency among all the partners of your supply chain and reliable proof of ownership when there are issues?

Blockchain technology enables a network with a distributed shared ledger within your supply chain flow. It provides a fraud-proof mechanism where historical data cannot be manipulated, the information is shared and verified by all parties in a decentralized manner. This also means that your supply chain is more reliable. With blockchain, the critical information is redundantly and still securely distributed. These features increase the efficiency, security and build trust among all parties, all the way from the supply chain partners to the end customer.

Supply Chain Wizard helps clients understand the use cases of blockchain technology within their supply chain from manufacturing to retailers & consumers/patients, and then works hand in hand with clients to implement blockchain enabled systems and processes to bring radical transparency and operational efficiency.

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