Contract manufacturing / packaging organizations (CMO / CPO) are utilized extensively by the brand owners. Typical brand owner supplies 20-40% of their products from CMOs or CPOs, while some companies receive up to 100% of their finished goods from external sources. Managing serialization programs to ensure 100% CMO compliance requires a higher level of collaboration, communication and alignment between trading partners, which is one of the greatest challenges of the industry.

- A bi-directional communication tool between clients and their suppliers

- Integrated serialization survey & action/issue management for suppliers

- Central management of all suppliers/CMOs (or internal sites) via single platform

- Ability to share documents, assign tasks, track progress for compliance projects

- Standardized data collection for technical project requirements & milestones

- Supply Chain Wizard configures the Supplier Portal rapidly for client needs

- Portal is integrated with Management Dashboard for easy use

- Each supplier sees their own progress & client shared data in a single login

- Client & suppliers interact over the portal to achieve compliance deliverables

- Make your supplier communication easy, standard & bi-directional

- Track all communication with suppliers with history logs

- Empower suppliers to communicate with you directly & easily

- Automate repetitive actions to save time & resources in supplier mgt.

- Easily manage all suppliers (up to hundreds) with very small teams

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