Regulations for drug serialization will affect more than 80 percent of the world's drug supply by 2019. Understanding different and ever changing requirements is not only very challenging, but also a critical success factor for cost effective compliance. Typical pharmaceutical company does not have in-house expertise to maintain an up-to-date set of regulatory requirements.

- An online Regulations Database covering all Active, Final and Draft legislations

- Regulatory requirements (history, synopsis, attributes, deadlines, scope, penalties)

- Technical requirements (packaging, tracking, reporting, verification)

- Source documents (official and un-official industry documents)

- FAQs

- Supply Chain Wizard experts & partners maintain information up to date

- Users can access the information easily through online website

- User can post comments or questions on the regulations, and receive answers

- To stay up-to-date on all regulatory requirements with low-cost access

- 24 / 7 global access in the cloud

- Ability to guide internal sites and CMOs with accurate regulatory insights

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