Packaging capacity loss during installation of serialization & aggregation equipment is a major concern. Post-implementation efficiency of packaging lines will be negatively impacted. In some cases, up to 20-30% reduction in OEE is observed during initial phases, while the average losses are expected between 5-10% for a typical line.

- An operator friendly OEE tracking & reporting tool designed for Pharma packaging & manufacturing lines

- Simple and cost-effective way to measure and improve line efficiency

- Live view and historical view dashboards to highlight issues & opportunities

- Automated management reports with root-cause-analysis and exceptions

- Supply Chain Wizard configures the tool rapidly (in 1-2 days) for client needs

- Line operators track each activity / task with only 2 clicks or touch

- Real-time data is collected across sites/lines and displayed in dashboards

- Automated alerts, reports & warnings help improve efficiency & compliance

- Understand your baseline line efficiency before and after serialization

- Find ways to minimize OEE losses or even improve OEE over baseline

- Establish a performance driven culture in packaging operations

- Enable data driven decision making for capital investments & process changes

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