Ensuring serialization compliance across the entire supply chain network becomes a daunting task for Serialization Program Managers, who are required to manage many internal and external parties on limited timeline & budget which requires a strategic and data-driven way to prioritize every aspect of this program, and an ability to interactively collaborate with internal and external parties on common project goals.

- A flexible and comprehensive project management tool for Serialization projects

- Risk assessments & prioritizations of the entire network for compliance

- Executive reports and business-value-at-risk calculations

- Network scenario planning and what-if analysis

- Action, task and milestone management with automated notifications

- Dashboard is easily configured for client needs with custom user access rights

- Serialization readiness & risk assessment analysis is automated and reported

- Project team members interact together and with suppliers via action / milestone tracking and notifications

- Project efforts are continuously prioritized using risk scores & readiness tracking

- Manage your serialization program with minimal resources, cost-effectively

- Leverage proven serialization project management methodologies & tools

- Benefit from smart automations to manage large scope of work easily

- Establish a central PMO platform to track every aspect of the project

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