Internet-of-Things (IoT) is the key for the connection between all “things” from people, products & processes to equipment. Connectivity and data have become the pillars of the revolution known as Industry 4.0. The vast amounts of data (a.k.a. “Big Data”) and heightened processing power within the “cloud” are opening limitless opportunities. As in previous tech revolutions, the ones who cannot adapt, risk their survival, regardless of the market or industry.

At the forefront of this revolution are high quality, low cost sensor technology allowing data to be easily captured, stored and/or shared. Unconstrained thinking as to which data points should be collected to solve specific business problems opens up many opportunities to make data-driven decisions on a regular basis.

Supply Chain Wizard helps clients explore the world of IoT and Big Data, by analyzing their current data management landscape, and creating practical strategies to adopt these new technologies cost-effectively to solve critical business problems.

As part of the IoT & Big Data service line, the following key services are offered:

  • IoT Strategy Design
  • Machine Learning Algorithm Design
  • Advanced Analytics & Optimization

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