At Supply Chain Wizard, we transform every factory into a “smart” one.

With our digital factory projects, all critical process parameters, human affects, energy requirements, quality factors and supply chain subsections are captured. The data stored is visualized with our “SCM3D” platform, which presents a comprehensive set of tools: OEE Tracker, Energy Tracker, Labor Tracker and Scheduling Wizard. Our SCM3D platform captures daily activities at your production site accurately, easily and in a central way. It gives you 24/7 access to your site and removes the need for written logbooks, excel sheets or hand-crafted management reports.

Our digital factory platform is not only a monitoring software: it uses advanced analytics methods to extract information from the visualized datasets for the result of optimized efficiency, higher product quality and predictive system maintenance. Supply Chain Wizards IoT and data-mining experts work day and night to give you the best inside of your factory.

All our products are modular, flexible and easy to integrate into all known IoT Platforms. Designed for Industry 4.0 to transform “smart” everything easily like playing LEGO.


More than 40 different sensors

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Counter
  • Vibration
  • GPS Location
  • Pressure


Different connection types

  • GSM GW
  • WiFi GW
  • Ethernet GW
  • InCar GW
  • Repeater


Mechanical needs

  • Button
  • Touch
  • Contact Switch
  • Read Switch
  • Mechanic Switch

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